summer_fling_poll_main.jpgIn the summer, when bronzed bodies in barely-there outfits roam the city as well as the coast, temperatures (and hormones) run at a high. Flings are a given in a lot of people’s lifestyles, especially during the hot months—how can you resist an attentive, able-bodied charmer while you’re on vacation? The answer for many is simply this: you don’t. You give in—for a little while, anyway—and when the sunny days start to dwindle, you give it up. Or so they say. defines the fling as a “deliberately short-term sexual relationship between two people, longer than a one-night stand, not as serious-sounding as ‘affair,’ [and] more frankly physical than the discreet dalliance.” Although you don’t necessarily have to end up in the sack to have an actual fling, these quickie relationships are certainly powered by a genuine, albeit casual, connection. Ideally, your experience should be a spontaneous, fabulous flash in the pan—which is why naysayers frown on the whole concept to begin with (because aren’t relationships supposed to last?)


So we ask: would you or wouldn't you?


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