Ex_boyfriend1.jpgThey love us and then leave us—or make us leave them. Ex-boyfriends belong to an exclusive category of human beings we never want to see again (at least in most cases). He may have seemed like the perfect catch—smart, funny, and, like, totally cute—but as you spent more and more time with the guy, you realized he just wasn’t cutting it. Maybe he belittled your job or thought that women in general shouldn’t be in the workplace. Maybe he wanted you to lose a few pounds, and said so—in front of all your friends. Or maybe he just wasn’t the man you thought he was when you first fell in love.

Needless to say, he made breaking up an inevitability you just didn’t want to avoid anymore—and that is how your ex went from significant other to just plain “other.” We asked some of our readers to share their own motives for moving on from a previous man by answering one simple question: Why are you glad your ex is your ex?

“Because one, he cheated on me; two, he didn't love me anyway (I just thought he did because I was young and in my first relationship); and three, I wouldn't have found my present boyfriend, whom I've been with for six years and counting.” – Annegi Guevarra, 26, PR officer

“Because I don't need a liar. Besides, my prince is waiting for me.”  – Angelica M. Non, 21, reviewee


“Because I didn't want to be a babysitter for eternity. I'm just glad I was able to turn my life around in the nick of time before I succumbed to his infantile behavior. There is too much nurturing in my field of work as it is—must I also have to nurse my [then] boyfriend? When would I get my actual day-off?” – Apple Dc Nisperos, 25, nurse

“Because I wouldn't have learned how to love myself more. And because I wouldn’t have found the man who knows my worth.” – Cris Bonifacio, 25, CSR

“Because otherwise I would never realize what wonderful things await me. I would've been living in a rut.” – Leamor Garcia, 33, government employee

“Because [after we broke up], I learned to love myself FIRST.” – Ariane May Nalicat, 26, college instructor

“Because if we had stayed together, I would have not grown to be a socially sophisticated individual and been able to explore the world!” – Alone Demape, 28, OFW

“Because if we were still together, maybe my life would be as miserable his is now.” – Mamaii Bellen, 23, faithful FN reader

“Because I would never find happiness if I held on to a damaging relationship.” – Misschubby Mommyme, 32, work-at-home mom

“Because I never loved him.” – G-Anne Limjuco, 22, bank employee

“Because the relationship came to be for all the wrong reasons. I shouldn't have been in it in the first place, so why should I be in it now? I'm just glad I am a much-matured and more content person so as not to be preoccupied with perpetually finding fault in my partner.” – Gladdy May Rojo, 26, business developer

“Because I didn’t deserve someone [as bad as] him!” – Hudz-Leng Navarro Ogayan, 29, editorial assistant

“Because life is better and more peaceful without him—and I now have more time for myself and for the people who truly care.” – Christine Dela Cruz-Arteta, 28, market analyst

“Because [without him], I now have a loving husband and an adorable little boy!” – Letlet Sena Bico, 30, wife and mom

“Because life is way, way, way better now [that he’s gone]. There’s no more abuse of any sort, emotional or otherwise. My ex is still resentful, filled with negative energy, and a bum, even after almost 17 years!” – Mai Viola, 37, banker

“Because he’s a psycho!” – Francesca Go, 23, writer

“Because if I stuck with my ex, I don’t think I’d be able to spread my wings as much as I wanted to, and have done so now. I’m the kind of person who cannot be relegated to simply being the woman behind the man.” – Marielle Arcala 37, teacher

“Because he was a liar. When we first met, I was 18 at the time, and he gave me the impression that he was in his early to mid-twenties. He also pretended to be close to some friends of mine. I only found out later that my friends didn’t really know more about him than his name and that he was actually 36—TWICE my age!” – Annalee Yap, 28, business owner

“Because he was mean! The way he broke up with me was to go out with another girl.”  – Sari Monte, 18, student

“Because I've realized that you don't need a man in your life; [sometimes] you just want it. Been single for 6 years but I dare not regret it because it's the best thing that ever happened to me.” – Mai Angeles, 23, nurse


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