what_makes_a_man_sexy_sam_piolo.jpgWe all know a hot guy when we see one, FNites, but opinions differ when it comes to what particular aspect of a man is sexually appealing.

Are you the type of femme who feels all tingly when you hear a man's smooth baritone whispering in your ear or crooning you a love song? Perhaps you find him sexiest when he shows off defined pecs or a drool-worthy six-pack as he struts down the runway--or, even better, in the comfort of your bedroom. If you're a sporty girl (or just a girl who loves watching men in their element), maybe it's his strong thighs or firm butt that catches your eye when he demonstrates his football skills on the field.

It could even be the way he carries himself in his snappy business suits, black-framed glasses perched on the bridge of his nose, the mischievous smile he gives you when you bump shoulders in the elevator, or the whiff of manly cologne you breathe in when he passes your cubicle in the office. No matter what aspect of a guy makes you go ga-ga over him, we'd love it if you shared it with us.

Female Network wants to know:

What makes a man sexy?

Answer this question by leaving a comment below for a chance to win one of 12 Gift Certificates for self-pampering from Get Polished, LayBare, Chic Nails, or Spa Indulgencia. From August until November, one FN Wants to Know question each month will come with this raffle. This question's raffle will run from September 21, to 3:00PM on October 18, 2011.

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If you're looking for drool-worthy guys, check out these galleries on FN:

(Photo of Sam Milby courtesy of Folded&Hung; photo of Piolo Pascual courtesy of Bench; photo of Derek Ramsay courtesy of Oxygen)
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