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If you’ve seen “The Ugly Truth,” you’ve probably learned a thing or two about the male species. Leading man Mike Chadway, played by 300’s Gerard Butler, puts it best when he says, “Men are simple.” So forget everything your girlfriends told you about men—and throw out that dog-eared copy of “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus.” Advice for women, by women (or well-meaning men), about men, is just plain useless—according to the film. “At the end of the day, all we’re interested in is looks,” claims Mike. “No one falls in love with your personality at first sight.”

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But is this so-called ugly truth in fact the case? Is the way to a man’s heart not through his stomach, like our mothers always said, but through a region farther south? We asked a set of regular men to tell us what they really want—and found their responses to be quite a mix.

Vince, 32, entrepreneur
I felt the movie was a documentary, the way it got things so spot on. The girl I want has got to be smarter, nicer, funnier, and overall a better person than I am. Why? Because getting to know her will make me strive to improve myself. Cue Greenwich commercial—sobrang cheesy!
Unfortunately, my dream girl will have to deal with a less smart, not as nice, cornier person if she spends time with me, but you are asking my opinion, not hers.

Ron*, 29, architect
What do I look for in a woman? Sexy, gorgeous, takot sa Diyos, religious, magaling magluto, maalaga, magaling magdamit, pwedeng i-date sa carinderia, hindi maarte, high respect for parents, good sense of humor.

Joe, 32, standard nerd
“The Ugly Truth” is true. Kelangan ng kaunting flirting at kaunting teasing para makuha attention namin. Instincts will kick in and chemical reactions will start.
Pero kung wedding bells ang pinaguusapan, eto sa palagay ko ang essential: charming, smells nice, makinis, at mataas ang EQ. Kung i-ko-compile mo lahat, sobra daming ideal traits ang gusto naming mga lalaki to the point na imposibleng may ganung babae.

Marty*, 32, architect
I want someone who complements either my strengths or weaknesses.

Ku, 30, web art director
I want wit, charm, character. Conversation is key. I’ve got to be able to talk to her without thinking "What the hell?" Being cute and sexy helps too. But it's not everything.

JB, 35, chef
I agree with wit, charm, and character. A woman must be my intellectual equal (at least) for her to catch my attention. The girl's got to have some spunk. I don't want a damsel in distress, masyadong mahinhin, "di makabasag pinggan," ayaw maarawan, parang ibon kumain. I'll take Gabriela Silang over Maria Clara any day. I won't lie: looks DO matter but it's not the most important thing. Be fair to us guys: more often than not you see a person first before you get to know them. Obviously the physical attraction will come first in most cases.

Raul, 40, editor
I want someone who is smart; someone who can tell the difference between a Descartes and a Degas; someone socially engaged; someone with the bleeding heart for the poor, the displaced and the dispossessed. Oh, I forgot—sexy, too. Few things are hotter than a twenty-something woman who teaches kids with special needs and wears tight, low-rise jeans and a white tee with the words: “I think therefore I am.”

Edward*, 27, architect
Guys search for girls for different reasons. Mine are compatibility and understanding, health and sexuality; the girl has to be sweet and pretty.

Baron*, 27, businessman
I want a girl who's intellectual. Simple lang, ayoko maarte. A girl who's going to accept me for who I am. Hindi materialistic. Hindi mukhang pera. Honest and loyal.

Mike*, 30, freelance photographer
Sharing similar interests and values means a lot to me. You make up for better quality time by doing the same thing; be it in a sport, charity mission, traveling to places together, etc. Speaking of values, if both of you are morally upright, then maintain your relationship the traditional way. Otherwise, if both of you are quite liberal and have high libidos, then it’s bang-bang-bang all the way!

*Not his real name



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