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Kris Aquino Confirms Relationship with Mayor Herbert Bautista

Kris Aquino puts an end to speculations with an official statement.

Welcome to Womanity!

This International Women's Day, take the time to appreciate our homegrown Filipina heroes with FN's new Womanity section.

He Said, She Said: Quotes about Women

Read what some of the greats had to say about the female sex.

Jason Ivler's mother allegedly hid him from the law: Would you do the same for your child?

Marlene Aguilar-Pollard is in a nightmare situation no mother wants to face: when your children have done something wrong, are you still willing to protect them, even when it means harboring a fugitive in your home?

How to be an Entrepreneurial Woman on Top

FN's mini start-up guide for women who want to set up their own business.

Celebs express their outrage over the Maguindanao massacre

Pinay personalities share their shock and horror at Monday's killings and call for speedy action from the government.

How did you react to the Maguindanao massacre? What will you do in protest?

Women speak out on the atrocities committed in Ampatuan, Maguindanao.

How will Jinkee Pacquiao deal with the Manny-Krista scandal?

How will Pacman's wife deal with his alleged affair? An interview with Good Housekeeping in July gives an indication of Jinkee's personal fighting style.

Top 5 Secrets of Successful Career-Driven Pinays

If you're aiming for the top of the corporate ladder, mind these surprisingly simple secrets of success.

Shopping for a home online

Find your dream house without moving an inch. Check out this website with an easy four-step home buying guide.

Quiz: What type of runner are you?

Discover your running personality with this quick quiz.

Summit Books releases new romance novel

Faye Ilogon's 12 Steps to Quitting AJ will be out in bookstores next week. Check out the Summit Books site for a sneak preview!