drive_you_crazy_fnwtk.jpgAll couples are bound to have arguments at some point in their relationship. And no matter how much you love your man, we’re sure there are moments when he drives you up the wall.

In what ways does your man annoy you or bring out the worst in you? Does he have any bad habits you wish he would get rid of? Perhaps, in traditional fashion, he always leaves the toilet seat up in the bathroom, or maybe he shirks his grocery duties even on days you specifically mention you’re exhausted. If your man loves video games, you might find yourself battling with his love for his PSP in order to drag him out for a romantic dinner. Or if your guy used to be a ladies’ man, maybe you’ve seen his gaze linger on a gorgeous woman passing by even when the two of you are out on a date. Do any of these scenarios ring any bells? We’d love to know your thoughts, FNites!

Female Network wants to know:

What are the ways your guy drives you crazy?

Leave us a comment to let us know!

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(Screencap from He’s Just Not That Into You courtesy of New Line Cinema)
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