As much as single women never get a break from questions like “Bakit wala ka pa ring boyfriend?”, women in long-term relationships aren’t given any slack either. With opinions and questions ranging from collecting and selecting men to tying the knot, here are some of the usual things that women who choose not to get hitched right away always hear, and why people should stop saying them.

1. “Don’t you miss dating other people?”

It’s a valid question, but the fact that you’re still dedicated to having dates with the same guy for how many years technically answers it, right?

2. “When are you going to get married?”

This is a staple question for women who are in a relationship for three years or more. It’s as if it’s a requirement to get hitched after a certain period—never mind that you’re still learning to explore your lives with and apart from your man. For those nosy people who can’t seem to understand why you’re still okay with where you are, you can try giving them these answers.

3. “Ayaw mo bang magka-anak?”

Usually asked in conjunction with, “Paano na ang matres mo?”, this question is something that shouldn’t be asked at all because having kids is a personal decision, and not having kids does not make one any less of a woman. People should just mind their own uterus.

4. “If you make him wait too long, he might break up with you.”

This actually makes your decision of not getting married right away more valid. A guy who threatens to break up with someone who isn’t ready to get married yet is a weird contradiction.

5. “Sige ka, baka maghanap ng iba ‘yan.”

Shackling your man in a lifelong bond to make sure that he won’t cheat on you is one of the worst reasons to get married. Besides, marriage doesn’t ensure that he won’t look the other way, and just in case he is a cheater, getting hitched to him will only cause more problems down the road.


6. “Don’t you get bored?”

Yes, people in long-term relationships get bored with their status and with each other. It happens. It’s normal. Being with your beau doesn’t always entail fireworks. Love is a decision made every day, and deciding to be with another person, no matter how boring things are, is actually the sweetest thing of all.

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