Tired of meeting men who just aren't ready to tie the knot yet? Here are seven signs you should look out for when looking for your future lifetime partner.

He won’t stop partying.
It doesn’t matter if it’s a Wednesday or Friday night, he'd rather spend more time with his beerkada and go home drunk in the wee hours of the morning than stay home with you.

He doesn’t know how to handle his finances.
He spends most of his money on material things–shoes, clothes, watches. He doesn’t seem to have a savings account and if he does have one, it’s likely empty most of the time. He basically lives from paycheck to paycheck and even asks you to foot the bill on most dates.

He doesn’t have career goals.
If his career is stagnant, it could mean he’s bored, missing opportunities, or just not doing his job properly. If he’s not aiming for a promotion and has no interest in moving forward, he’s either complacent where he is or he doesn’t care about his professional growth at all. You can do better.

He says "I love you" too quickly.
Don’t think it’s sweet when a man suddenly tells you those three magic words just after a few months of dating. According to a study, this could be a sign that he's just trying to get you in bed, but will eventually bail out on you later on.

He’s emotionally unstable.
When you two get into fights, he’s the first one to break down. Dealing with an unstable man can be frustrating and confusing. Men are usually more rational, but if your man is quick to fall apart, he may have issues that he needs to settle first before tying the knot with you.


His priorities don’t include the future.
He keeps talking about buying that new Playstation but never opens up about his plans of living independently and investing in things that really matter. His mind-set is wired to accomplish short-term goals, but he has no idea on how to achieve long-term ones, or worse, he’s not thinking about them at all.

He can’t keep his promises.
Whether it’s his promise of calling you after work, paying back the money he borrowed from you, or taking you out, be on the alert. If he’s unreliable with the small things, how do you think he will fare with bigger things like marriage?

PHOTO: Pixabay

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