News flash: there is no such thing as a universal ideal partner. An article in Time.com reports that a research published in Journal of Personality and Social Psychology discovered that once we get to know someone, the desirabilility value changes.

Although this is no longer a suprise for those who have explored the dating scene, the data gathered by the researchers from University of Texas at Austin backs up this theory. They asked participants to rank potential mates three times. During the first phase, participants rated the mate value of people they never met. Then, they rated people they knew for a few months. On the last phase, they rated the people they have known for three years.


In the first phase, most of the participants agree that the strangers' likeability was based on good looks and other superficial factors. But as they rated the individuals they knew for quite some time, each had varying opinions on one's "ideal mate score."

Study author Dr. Paul W. Eastwick explains, "[As we spend more time with someone] we stop agreeing on how desirable or undesirable they are." The results show that each of us perceive the ideal mate differently. Our preferences on what's appealing or who looks like a promising partner differs as we get to know the person more, which is actually quite logical.

So stop stressing about your ideal partner checklist. There is no such thing. The one ideal partner depends on who you are as a person. He's compatible with your needs and personality, and not just someone who fits your checklist. Who knows? He might just be out there looking for you, too.


(Screencap from the movie Serendipity courtesy of Miramax Films)

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