Valentine’s Day: the one rose-tinted, chocolate-scented day a year when, in the words of Björk, “all is full of love.” But single gals the world over will certainly beg to differ. V-Day, in single terms, is D-Day: the dreaded 24-hour celebration of unconquerable coupledom that leaves all the uncommitted suckers sticking out like sore thumbs. Flowers, cards, and candy by the bushel; stuffed bears and heart-shaped pillows; the relentless media stream of I Love Yous and I Love You Toos—it is as if the day were especially designed to make those of the partnerless kind acutely aware of their own solitary existence.

But bitterness is hardly the best way to cope with the Valentine blues. As this V-Day survival video on explains, feeling sorry for yourself is not the way to go. Rather, you should appreciate your singlehood—own it!—like the confident, independent, modern-day woman that you are. You don’t need a man to make it through the 14th—just a little imagination! Here’s what you can do to ditch the pity party and have a swell time, single-lady style, on the annual Day of Love.


Host a girl’s night in. This guide by suggests spending the big day with your friends. Round up your best boyfriend-less girlfriends for some in-house entertainment—an indoor BBQ, perhaps, or some spiked drinks in your sala. The foolproof way to divert your stay-in singles would be to marathon shows like Sex and the City and live vicariously through the fabulous sexploits of Carrie and company. You and the girls could even buy each other flowers and exchange stems until you’ve created the bouquet of your choice! Remember to restock your supply of wine and cheese—and ice cream—to keep the enjoyment factor from going flat.

Hit the bars. Not one to be cooped up? Paint the town single with your merry band of maidens (or gay-dens). This V-Day survival guide by shares that those who hate the hermit life should by all means get out and about. Grab your favorite people to party with and plot out an all-night itinerary to keep the blues at bay.  The crowd won’t be as couple-heavy as you think: many clubs now promote singles-only events celebrating the fact that you’re flying solo. For some sure-fire good vibes, you could even hit a gay club and dance the night away to the expected Madonna-Kylie-Gaga playlist!

Spoil yourself. One of the great things about being single is the amount of cash you save by not having to buy presents for a significant other.’s article on how to survive Valentine’s recommends treating yourself to something nice—because if not now, then when? Use that extra dough on some retail therapy (we all know the power of a new pair of shoes), or a day of head-to-toe pampering at the spa, or a weekend getaway (the 14th falls on a Sunday) to Tagaytay or Batangas. Whatever you decide, don’t forget: you deserve it!


Date the “real” man in your life. Romantic interests always seem to take top billing when we speak of the men in our lives. But should that really be the case? Before we met Mr. Right (or at least, Mr. Right Now), our “main men” consisted of our fathers, grandfathers, brothers, and best friends. This is why we are never quite “man-less” on V-Day, no matter how long we’ve been single. This Valentine’s, spend some quality time with the men who mean the most, as advised by this singles' guide. Do dinner with Dad, bond with your little bro, bring home a tasty treat your lolo will love, or have a beer with your forever-buddy—you could even do it all. Just think how much faster the hours would pass if you spent the time with such great guys!

Treat it like any other day. We all know that V-Day is spurred by blatant commercialism rather than actual traditional significance (St. Valentine himself was murdered on the very day). So the fact that you’re single on Valentine’s shouldn’t affect you any more than it does the other 364 days in a year. V-Day will slip by without you even noticing if you treat it as nothing special, the way this video on proposes. Go to the gym, go to the grocery, go to the movies (but don’t watch a chick flick), then go home—do this, and you’ll see Valentine’s as the same-old, same-old before the clock strikes 12.


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