The happiest couples talk about the weirdest, grossest things, which include – that's right – poop.

Before you dismiss the idea as absurd, a poop conversation is more than just a pile of crap (pun intended). Bathroom issues are considered taboo in polite society. Just look at this study featured on according to it, “more than 50 percent of both heterosexual women and homosexual men had discomfort with farting and pooping because they believed the behavior made them less attractive”. This means that a lot of people think that you lose your “goddess” status once your partner realizes that (gasp!) you actually do number two.

However, talking about poop and every thing in between is a necessity, because it means that you’re also discussing your hygiene and your bathroom habits. Opening up about these often awkward topics means you've pushed your relationship to the next level, and you want to make things more comfortable between you and your man. Moreover, it also means that you’re honest with each other, and that you’re willing to put yourselves out there in the hopes of being wholly accepted.

If after the poop conversation you feel lighter and happier, and you both manage to laugh the whole thing off before going back to snuggling, then congratulations—you’re bond is stronger than ever.


PHOTO: Flickr Creative Commons/Hassan Humayun; GIF: Giphy

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