Need to have a serious conversation with your guy? Don’t do it in the morning! He's probably on his way to work or he could have just arrived at the office. Either way, he'll be too preoccupied with his tasks to wrap his head around whatever it is you want to talk to him about. Wait until he gets home at night instead. According to a survey conducted by British retailer Asda, men are more receptive at 8:15 in the evening.

Does he pick you up from the office or vice-versa? You can start warming up to the topic during the trip home. Results also showed that men actually enjoy having meaningful conversations while they’re driving. Just try not to say anything that might shock him too much—you don’t want him to lose control of the wheel!

As for the worst time you can choose to talk to your man, the survey reveals that it's when he’s playing video games or watching football. In this case, the latter might be interpreted as a basketball game or a Pacquiao match—but you probably already know what.

Tired of having arguments with your man? Here are a few other ways you can have a serious talk sans the heated LQ.

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