Not many of us may remember our younger years when we had to undergo all those immunizations, but you may have already experienced getting your baby her shots, and you may have even wanted to snatch her from the doctor after witnessing her wail at the needle’s prick.

No need to overly worry about your baby, as a simple solution may, in fact, give her some comfort when undergoing those painful but required injections. A study featured on has found that giving little children a little sugar water may lessen crying during immunizations.

Researchers analyzed data from 14 previous studies that included information from 1,551 infants ages one year and below. The studies compared children who took a bit of sugar two minutes before immunization and those who drank only water. It seems that those who had something sweet prior to the procedure cried less. The hypothesis is that sugar helps trigger pain-relieving chemicals within the body and boosts the feeling of comfort. Although this needs more research, scientists remain hopeful.

Lead researcher Manal Kassab of the Department of Maternal and Child Health at the Jordan University of Science and Technology in Irbid, Jordan, explains, "Giving babies something sweet to taste before injections may stop them from crying for as long. Although we can't confidently say that sugary solutions reduce needle pain, these results do look promising."

For the time being, there’s probably no harm in trying to get your little one to have a small sip of something sweet before getting her her injections. In the end, however, the best comfort she can ever have is you; just hold her tight, and she’ll know that everything will be fine.

(Photo by Mark Guadalupe via Flickr Creative Commons)

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