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Study Shows That A Mother's Health is a Key Factor in Her Baby's Size

Contrary to popular belief, it's not predetermined by one's race or ethnicity.

Weight Gain during Pregnancy May Lower Risk of Infant Mortality

Consult your doctor about your ideal weight on your next appointment.

Post-Natal Maternal Care May Help Children Cope with Stress Better

Showing love and affection to your child during his first months may leave a strong positive impact in him.

Infants Exposed to Dogs May Have Lower Risk of Asthma

Your dogs don't only protect your household; they may also strengthen your baby's immune system.

Infants Can Recognize Songs They've Heard Prior to Birth, Says Study

Have your unborn babies hear the sound of your voice and listen to good music, as they can remember them even months after they are born.

Study Reveals Why Infants Are Prone to Diseases

According to research, newborns have immature immune systems, which make them more at risk for catching certain viruses.

Breastfeeding Beneficial to Mothers, Says Study

Statistics show that breastfeeding a child until age one may help protect mothers from breast cancer and heart disease.

Bad Dietary Habits May Be Traced in Infancy

Children who are trained to finish the contents of their formula bottles may develop the bad habit of overeating.

Carrying Crying Babies Helps Calm Them Down

Holding your child makes for an effective calming technique, researchers say.

Four-Month-Old Infants May Start Eating Solid Food, According to Study

It may be healthier to wait until the child is at least four months old before switching from milk to food they need to chew.

Excess Vitamin D During Pregnancy May Result in Infant Food Allergies

A balanced vitamin D intake may help you and your child stay healthy, but too much of it may cause complications.

Stressed Infants May Have Increased Cardiovascular Risks Later in Life

Keeping your baby in a tension-free environment may help him stay healthy in the years to come.

What Should Be Your Breast-Feeding Diet?

Scared that you'd make your baby a fussy eater if you don't consume the right kind of food during your breastfeeding phase? Check out this new study to calm your fears.

Babies Who Start to Crawl Wake Up More Often at Night

The discovery of the usefulness of their arms and limbs is enough to wake babies up, a study suggests.

It's Okay to Let Babies Cry at Night, Says Study

According to research, babies should learn how to go back to sleep on their own.

Sweet Comfort: Sugar May Make Baby Immunizations Less Painful

Needle pricks aren't great, but a bit of sugar may help your little one feel better.

Why Cute Pictures Make You Happy + Over 30 Sites for Online Cuteness

Think there's no rhyme or reason behind the pics that make you go "aww"? Think again!

Choosing a Good Pediatrician for Your Baby: Checklists and Qualities to Watch For offers helpful advice on what to look for when picking your baby doctor.