Parents, you may want to host study groups in your homes more often, or at the very least, let your kids use the computer during school nights. According to a study on, students who work together and interact both offline and online are more likely to be successful in their college classes.

Researchers studied 80,000 interactions between 290 college students. They revealed that a higher number of online interactions among students resulted in higher class scores. High achievers who tend to form bonds with other students also use complex online means to share information. These connections between students are created during the first few days of class.

"For the first time, we showed that there is a very strong correspondence between social interaction and exchange of information--a 72 percent correlation," says Manuel Cebrian from the Jacobs School of Engineering at the University of California San Diego.

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Whether or not a child has high-tech means to share information, parents should encourage them to try to look for ways in order to exceed in their studies. For those who do not have computers at home, there are many internet cafes around where kids can do their research. Parents can also opt to host study groups in their houses not just for reviews but also for their kids to be able to bond with their friends. Although technology is great, this should not hinder kids who do not have these contraptions from learning.

(Photo by Gwaar via Flickr Creative Commons)

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