SexBusters_Flickr.jpgNo matter how good it gets, there just comes a time when the idea of sex will seem like a chore and the idea of “performance” will loom over your head like a responsibility rather than a period of wild abandon.

Dr. Wei Siang Yu, founder of and locally known as Dr. Love in Singapore, refers to this as the natural response of the human body. For almost a decade now, Dr Wei has been teaching and advocating his own kind of sex education in Asia and Europe using a combination of traditional media such as television, radio and newspapers combined with internet and mobile interactive platforms to share information about sexual issues.

“Think about it, when you first enter a room, you become aware of the noise in the background. But the longer you stay in the room, the more you will become accustomed to it and no longer hear it. It is the body’s natural response to repeated stimuli,” says Dr. Wei, explaining why it is very hard to sustain the buzz in someone’s sex life.

There are many reasons why sex becomes such a chore and we would rather not do it.  If the thought of getting naked fills you with dread rather than desire, think about what’s causing your libido level to dip.

According to Dr. Wei, there are a number of biological/physical and psychological factors that can get in the way of your sex drive making lift off:



(Photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons)

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