Last-minute condom negotiation (or even not-so-last-minute discussions over whether or not your man should wear a “love glove”) can get in the way of a good thing. When it comes to excuses about not using a condom, women have heard it all—from pleas about reduced pleasure to promises of happy ever after.
But not all men are created equal. You can and may cross paths with a gems of a guy, one of those hot men who know better. When it comes to safer sex and equal responsibility when it comes to birth control, these boys know how to be good in bed.

In celebration of these enlightened males,, via Female Network, presents this safe sex awareness campaign: Real Men Wear Condoms. Have a look-see at the hotties in the slide show below, and learn about a single fact that simply ups their hotness level: they’re passionate about keeping the act of giving in to passion as safe as possible, not just for themselves, but for the women they’re with as well.

Want to learn more about safe sex and family planning? Check out the articles linked below:

real_men_wear_condoms_sexandsensibilities.jpg(Text and photos courtesy of Ana Santos and Men’s grooming by Jim Guerrero of L’oreal Professionnel. Photos shot on location in the Oval Office and X-Men suites of Victoria Court–Pasig)
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