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The Philippines has the highest HIV infection rate in the Asia-Pacific region.

Pinay Immunologist Included in 2013 TIME 100 List

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World Health Organization: HIV Cases in the Philippines Continue to Increase

From 1984 to 2007, only one HIV case was reported per day; as of 2011, the numbers have increased to seven new cases per day.

Drinking Makes You More Likely to Have Unsafe Sex

Research shows that the more you drink, the worse your decisions become.

Hillary Clinton Sets Sights on an AIDS-Free Generation in 2015

In a recent speech, the United States Secretary of State tackles the issue of this sexually transmitted infection head on.

"Yoga for Life: Touching Lives" on May 15, 2011

Honor the lives of those affected by AIDS and HIV at the 28th International AIDS Candlelight Memorial.

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