Falling in love with another person is a magical experience; it’s a wonderful feeling that gives you butterflies in your stomach. But what exactly happens when one or both people in the relationship fall out of love? Here are the red flags you should watch out for that indicates the passion (and probably his interest in you) is withering:


His eyes start to wander

Have you noticed him subtly checking out other women? Remember, there’s a thin line between appreciating beauty and acting on it. Relationship expert Dr. Tarra Bates-Duford PhD says to be watchful of this habit. “People in a monogamous relationship that begin to develop significant feelings for someone else is a sure sign there is something wrong with or missing from his or her current relationship.” 

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You talk just for the sake of talking.

Communication is important in any relationship since it’s your chance to know more about your partner, but when it becomes a chore, you may want to re-evaluate your stand in the relationship.

“Typically, when we are in love we want to talk about everything, we want to know everything there is to know about our partner. Unfortunately, when love and passion begin to fade in the relationship, our questions and communication diminishes,” says Bates. “For many people once the relationship quality starts to decline, the communication, quality of communication, and the frequency of communication becomes less and less,” she adds.

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He doesn’t respond well to your sweet gestures.

When you were starting out, you just couldn’t get enough of each other, but as time passed by, your affection level has dwindled and there may have even been a point when he decided to stop making an effort to hold your hand or look deeply in your eyes. This is why intimacy is important—not just in the physical aspect but emotionally as well.

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He's too easily frustrated.

They say love is blind and of course, you don’t see (or choose not to see) the negative traits of a person during the early stages of a relationship, but when it starts to seem like every little thing pisses him off, it may be because the love is slowly fading.

A HuffPost feature says that people in new relationships have more patience with their partners, but as time goes by it starts to crumble. “When positive feelings begin to fade, intimate partners not only are quicker to criticize, but slower to heal. They hold on to and exaggerate irritating behaviors. Disappointments happen more regularly, promises not kept are seen as major disruptions in trust, explanations are perceived as lame excuses, and future plans are no longer believed in with the same hope.” 


He treats you like a best friend.

Is it possible for a romantic relationship to lead to a platonic one? Sure, being best friends with your significant other is essential for a thriving union, but you have to make sure that you still see your partner in a romantic way—remember, there’s a difference between being in love with him and just loving him for who he is. If you see yourself holding on to the friendship and you're not satisfied in other ways, then have a talk with him to set things straight.

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