If you think men don’t have feelings, think again.

We might not always see their mushy side, but it’s there. In fact, they're probably better at remembering when Cupid hit them than you and me! How do we know? We asked 16 real men of different ages to share the moment they realized they were in love. These confessions prove that love can happen in the strangest and simplest waysin fact, many of them resemble rom-com scenes (with a few heart-breaking twists). Get ready for major feels when you read them below!

"So, I met this pretty girl in a training class. We became good friends and eventually got together after I told her that she’s not my type of girl. That moment I told her that I didn’t like her was the same time I realized I love her. And I just can’t say it because was afraid I might lose her. But I told her anyway since she forced me to admit it a few days after. We’re getting married this December!" –Jordan, 29 (six years in a relationship)

"We were in the same school and I was a guitar player at our church. I remember one time, I was playing and I saw her sa crowd. Na-love at first sight ako. I know it’s wrong, but I tried to find her every time may mass. I also tried to be close with her classmates and friends so they could help me. Thankfully, binigay niya ‘yong matamis na oo, but it didn’t work well. We only lasted for a year." –Allen, 23

"I met a girl in a mall when I was 17. She’s six years older than me. I courted her and we became a couple just after two weeks. Before our anniversary, I learned na mayroon pala siyang other guy. That was when I knew I really loved her, na hindi lang pala infatuation. I fought for her but she chose the other guy." –Mark, 24

"I was dating a colleague before and things started out good. We knew where we both were in our lives and we were both honest about our expectations--including the fact that she wasn't ready for a commitment. I pursued her for a couple of months, tempering my expectations. Because we were both honest from the start, everything just felt natural. Our conversations were great and I've learned to accept everything about her, even her quirks. It was then I knew I've fallen for her. When you can be your real self around someone and don't have to pretend to be cool and you can talk about absolutely everything, you know you have something good." –Robert, 32

"We first met at the office and immediately became friends because we had a lot of things in common. I never knew I’d fall for her because my feelings were just for a friend. I even didn’t mind when she tendered her resignation. After a month, I saw her with another guy. I felt something strange, I felt jealous. I realized, all this time I really loved her. Although I knew she was already committed, I decided to tell her how I felt. I still remember when she told me, 'I’ve been waiting for so long to hear that but…' We’re not together but we are still friends." –Thomas, 25

"The moment I realized I was in love was the first time I saw her after a few years. Call me cheesy but there was a chemical reaction. My family doesn’t like her because she’s a single mom but I’m doing everything to make it work between them. We’re now three months." –Mavie, 27

"I met a girl during our college years. Crush ko siya kasi ang ganda niya. After some months, naging sila ng friend ko kaya hinayaan ko na lang. Noong nag break sila gumawa ako ng move. To make it short, naging kami. Months after, I learned she had sex with my friend while kami. Reality hit me. Nasaktan ako. Mahal ko pala talaga siya. Kahit kahit gaano kasakit ‘yong naramdaman ko, hindi ako bumitaw sa relationship namin.” –Kenneth, 22 (two years in a relationship)

"We have been officemates for quite some time now. Our colleagues are fond of creating love teams. She was not the first girl in the office that people paired me with and fondly teased me about. To be honest, I am not fond of being teased about a girl and usually it deters me from considering courting a girl. Just over a month ago, a friend of mine proposed to his girlfriend. Because she was part of our previous trips, my friend invited her to join. On the last night of the trip, my barkada called me out and said they noticed that my officemate and I were a bit too comfortable with each other to be just friends. That's when I realized I had already fallen in love with this girl. I am just waiting for the right time to tell her." –Rene, 25

"I met my soon-to-be wife at my birthday party in 2006. She was introduced to me by a mutual friend who dropped by. I liked her but I wasn’t able to get her number because I was very busy entertaining my visitors. We met again through a mutual friend months after. This time, I took the courage to get her name and number. We exchanged messages and I even called her at times. It took only three days for us to be an official couple. Like other relationships, it was rocky. We broke up many times but eventually found a way to get back. But there’s this one breakup that made me realize that I really love her and I want to be with her. I can’t bear to see her with another guy. I fought for her in every way I knew. In a few more months, we will be celebrating our 10th anniversary together with our beautiful baby girl which is the fruit of our love." –Alison, 25

"Love at first sight? Hindi ako naniniwala doon kasi sa movie lang nangyayari ‘yon but damn, it happened to me. Parang slow motion lahat ng nangyari noong dumating siya sa birthday ng tita ko. I couldn't take my eyes off of her. Hindi ko napigilan, tinanong ko kung anong Facebook name niya. I immediately added her. At first, it was awkward because of our age gap pero nakuha naman sa tiyaga, sinagot niya ako." –Angelito, 30 (10 months in a relationship)

"I joined a text clan. Months after, the leaders set a grand eyeball night. We were all wearing a costume. Someone came in, a beautiful girl in fairy outfit. That was the first time we met. I asked what her name and number were. We started texting and I told her I would like to court her. Noong una, trip trip lang. But when she introduced me to her family, and her mom told me how much they want me for her, I realized that I’ve also fallen hard for their daughter. I cried and prayed na sana siya na talaga. Hanggang ngayon kami pa rin. Five years na kami. We now have two kids." – Andrei, 25

"We met online. We immediately clicked because we liked and hated the same things. We went on many dates. The problem was she wasn't over her ex. She left me for him eventually. When I learned that they broke up, I immediately kept in touch with her again. We catched up. We had more fun and we were more open. I realized I enjoyed her company more than the women I went out with and realized I had developed feelings for her. I miss her so much. She passed away due to tuberculosis nine months after we got back together again." –Cian, 26

"I was mesmerized by the beauty of a girl who dropped by our office. I failed to get her name and number because of my pagiging torpe. Inutusan ako ng supervisor ko to process a document. When I opened it, it was her resume. I immediately looked for her on Facebook and it took all my courage to talk to her. Good thing she responded. One day she invited me to attend a church service. To be honest, part of the reason I agreed is because I wanted to see her. From that day my life turned around. I realized I was in love with her. But again, dahil sa pagiging torpe ko hanggang ngayon ‘di pa rin niya alam na mahal ko na siya." – Sander, 22

"So, there’s this girl in our school who captured my attention. She’s simple and beautiful. I told her I like her pero ‘di siya naniwala kasi I’m known sa campus as a playboy so pinabayaan ko na lang. After four years, I got to talk to her again. I asked her for the second time if I could court her. She said yes. Pinakilala niya ako sa parents niya. I could never forget that because it was my first time to meet the parents ng nililigawan ko. That’s when I realized I'm serious about this girl." –Elcid, 27

"I was a senior and she was a freshman. At first I didn’t really pay any attention to her, thinking she was too boyish for my taste. Three years later, we met again at a youth fellowship. She asked for my help regarding a school project. We got really close. We exchanged numbers and often kept in touch. Then one day my dad asked me, 'Son is she your girlfriend?' I was surprised then answered: 'No, why?' He told me: 'Because you’re spending all your time, money and effort. Do you love her?' That was when I realized I did. Later that night I texted her and told her that I loved her. Long story short we were together for six years and four months, but as they say, all good things come to an end. It has been almost a year but I would still do anything just to be with her again." –Josh, 25

"We were classmates in grade school and went to separate schools in high school but being a guy who knew what he wanted and the One up above playing his magic on us, we met again during our third year and I realized she was the one. We are at a whopping 17 years today with one brilliant daughter." –Joseph, 33

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