Gone are the days of patinetero and agawan base. These days, children find most of their enjoyment in smart phones, tablets, and game consoles. While there is nothing wrong with introducing your kids to modern technology, you may want to bring back the good old days when playing meant going outdoors. According to a recent study, having your child experience the outdoor fun of natural playgrounds can give her many physical benefits.

As reported in MedicalNewsToday.com, the research reveals that children who play in playgrounds that incorporate natural elements like logs or flowerbeds tend to be more active than their stay-at-home counterparts. The same results hold true even when compared with children who play in traditional playgrounds with brightly-colored metal equipment.

Staff at the Early Learning Center, a child development center in the US, built a "natural playscape"-- a hillside area with traditional playground equipment like a gazebo and slides, but added trees, a creek, logs and tree stumps.

The researchers found out that children who play in natural playgrounds tend to use their imaginations more. They also engage in more aerobic and bone-and-muscle-strengthening activities, which improved their motor skills. The gazebo, primarily used by the kids to get out of the sun, was used less than before.

As often as you can, bring your child to your local park for her to be able to run and play freely with other children. You can also take her on nature trips to places like the La Mesa Eco Park, where you and your family can do a lot of outdoor activities together. Letting your kid get a whiff of fresh air won't only stimulate her senses, but her imagination as well.

(Photo by Bart via Flickr Creative Commons)

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