They say the wife is often the last to know if the husband is cheating. This is often true because you either choose to ignore the signs or you're completely unaware of them.

It's not your fault.


Every person is different and not all signs of cheating are definitive. But there are a few behavior changes that may indicate if your partner is having an affair.

Just remember that signs of cheating can vary from one person to another. It's important to remember that although a few behavioral changes can be a sign of cheating it's not always the case.

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Possible signs that your husband is cheating

There is less intimacy in your relationship

It's completely normal for the frequency of sex in your marriage to change. But if you notice that your husband is less intimate or is often unwilling to connect with you physically, something may be up. Similarly, if all of a sudden your husband is introducing 'new things' in bed that you think are not typical of him, it can also be a sign.

The lack of simple signs of intimacy like touching, hugging, cuddling, and kissing can also mean the relationship is in trouble.


You see sudden changes in his habits, behaviours, and attitude

Although it's completely normal (and okay) for your husband to change his habits, there are a few changes that may be a cause of concern.

  • He no longer says he loves you.
  • He's suddenly interested in looking and smelling good. 
  • He is short-tempered. He snaps at you for things that did not bother him before.
  • He is more critical of you.
  • He picks fights often.
  • He gets defensive when you mention infidelity and affairs.
  • He doesn't want to do anything with you anymore.

    There is dishonesty in your marriage

    Dishonesty in a relationship is never a good sign. If you always catch your husband lying to you, there could be something wrong. 

    He brings his phone everywhere

    In the past, this is clearly very suspicious. But nowadays, it's almost considered normal, so it's hard to say it's a sure sign your husband is cheating. 


    However, if you notice that your husband goes to great lengths to make sure you do not see or touch his phone, then something is off. 

    If in the past, your husband didn't pay much attention to your phone and all of a sudden he does not, it could be a sign there's something wrong.

    He's indifferent

    If, all of a sudden, your husband stopped paying attention to the things he used to love, there could be something wrong. It's best to talk to your spouse about it as it can also be a sign of depression.

    But if he is suddenly uninterested to things he used to love doing with you, there may be something wrong. If he seems bored with you, his job, your children, or your life together, it may be a sign of infidelity.

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    You're having money problems

    All of a sudden, you're fighting about money. Your husband also stops planning for big purchases like vacations, trips, etc. He doesn't want to talk about where he spends his money or why your credit card has unexplainable charges.

    It's important to note that although these changes in your husband may be scary and alarming, it doesn't always mean they're cheating. However, you still need to make sure you address these changes.

    Marriage is hard work. It takes constant patience and communication. It's important that you make sure you and your husband work together to constantly improve your relationship with each other.

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