Relationships don’t die an instant death, but unless you (or your group of girlfriends) make a correct diagnosis in the nick of time, you could end up sending yours to the ER, stat. Here, we’ve listed down a couple of culprits that could be draining your relationship dry:

1. Nagging
Nobody wants to nag, but it’s what we inevitably fall back on when our men just can’t seem to take a hint (or two or three or four)! While it may help push them to finally get around to fixing what they promised to fix a month ago, too much nagging is ultimately a relationship killer.

An article in Marie Claire
offers an excellent substitute: negotiate a trade. Let’s tell our men that we’d let them have complete control over the TV for three days if they finish organizing the garage this weekend.

2. Laziness
In a perfect world, looks don’t matter. We’d still attract the likes of David Gandy even though we look like we’ve just rolled out of bed (and not in that sexy way), and we’d still get that managerial job wearing a faded Star Wars shirt and cut-offs. But we live in the real world and here, we need to make an effort to look nice (and vice-versa). The minute we let ourselves go is when we simply don’t care anymore (not that we’re to blame when our men go astray).

We don’t need to look like Miranda Kerr or Kate Upton; we just need to remember to pluck, wax, and shave when it all gets to be too much. Remember, just because our partners have seen it all doesn’t mean we should stop taking care of ourselves.

3. Contempt
According to a study by the University of Washington, as reported by, being openly contemptous may indicate that we no longer value our partners. Then again, perhaps we’re just starting to take them for granted.

Whatever the case may be, a reassessment is in order. We need to take some time off (preferably somewhere with white sand and clear, cerulean waters) and reflect on whether we want to continue the relationship or not. We may not want to hurt our partners, but our passive agressiveness may not be that much better.

(Screencap from Revenge courtesy of ABC)

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