I met you in the most unlikely places, a dating app called Tinder. Can you really find love online? Well, I’ve always believed in taking chances, and so we when we matched, that opened a line for us to talk. It was a whirlwind romance, the kind of relationship that could only happen to two people from different walks of life.

You’ve always believed that we control our fate by the choices we make, while I've always believed in letting things work out for themselvesfate and destiny, and all those romantic ideas about love. In fact, the first day we talked, I asked for your birthday only to find out your zodiac sign and check if we have a future. You’re a logical person, and I’m the creative type; you’re rational, I’m emotional…

At first, I said, it was never going to work out. We were incompatible. Our worlds were different. You work normal day hours, while I work at night, but there was never a day we missed a "Good morning" and a "Good night." For almost every day for a week, we talked, despite the time difference. My Viber just beeped all day. Sleep was just our break. Every day, I started to feel special, every day I smiled with just the thought of you.

You make me happy and I haven't felt this way in the longest time. When I finally saw you, it wasn’t love at first sight because I already started falling for you when I began to get to know you. You’re wonderful and my ideal kind of guy; we're complete opposites but we complement each other. To me, you are perfect and what I’ve always wanted.

I had always thought that love was all about feelings, but then again, the real kind of love is a choice. It's loving someone beyond what just makes you happy. It’s accepting who he is, his imperfections, his weaknesses, his everything. That’s the kind of love I felt for you. Right from the start, I knew you were complicated, I knew you were a mess, destructive as what you said. But I didn’t get scared. There was no holding back because the moment I chose to love you, I was ready.

We were never in a relationship, but it always felt right. When you held my hand, I felt safe. It’s the warmth of your touch that I always yearned for. We felt so good about each other. We had chemistry and I forgot that from the start, we were never really compatible to begin with. And right then and there, I realized that you are the one for me. I can see my entire life with you and I've never looked at someone the way I looked at you.

Our story was already a series of in-between heartbreaks, letting go and holding on, lies and a question about trust. And after all that we had been through, we were still in the midst of uncertainty. You had to let me go and it broke my heart. That was the time we realized we loved each other but had to say goodbye. They say that when you love someone the next time, you have greater love to give. I have loved you great enough for me to accept and forgive you, to take my chances with you because I made a choice.

It’s crazy but it’s real... and this is me loving you. To the man I choose to love (always) and be with forever, thank you for coming back into my life. The days without you were miserable. It was very difficult for me and you. I tried to forget you, but I just ended up hoping that someday we’d have our second chance. I never wanted anyone else but you. I never made the first move to communicate because I wanted you to want me as much as I wanted you. I wanted you to choose me. And despite all the pain you put me through, I love you even more. My love is greater than all the pain because I know with you, I’ll be happy.

Like you said, you wanted to earn that spot in my life. Let’s start over, let’s forget about Tinder. That’s not how we met. Let’s make a new story, a better one. And this time, we’ll make it right. I don’t know how our story will end, but I am hoping what we have now is a start of forever.


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