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5 Lessons You Learn from a Heartbreak

Here's how you can help yourself finally move on from the past.

To The Guy Who Made Me Feel Important

You knew that I fell for you, but you chose not to notice it.

I'm Just A Memory You Left Behind

"Our story was a mere encounter and not a ground for expectations I should hold on to."

To the Man Who Left Me Hanging

You let me fall in love without any plans to love me back.

To The Man Who Left Me Five Times

"You have to stop toying with my emotions."

To The Women Whose Hearts Were Broken By The Man They Thought Would Never Hurt Them

"Spread your wings. They may be a little bit bent, but you can still fly."

An Open Letter to the Man I Choose to Love Forever

"Right from the start, I knew you were complicated."

I Thought I Finally Found The One

"I loved him, but he stopped loving me."