Not all men are equal, and this is especially true for boyfriends. Here, we round up the seven kinds of guys you’ll meet–and possibly fall in love with.

The Insecure Partner
You’re decidedly over your ex, but he’s the one who can’t seem to move on. In fact, he keeps bringing it up, constantly needing assurance that you no longer have feelings toward your past lover and that he’s currently the only apple of your eye.

The Jealous Boyfriend
You have to text him where you are, who you’re with, and what time you’ll be home all the d*mn time. He sees your guy friends as competition and is always on macho mode when he decides to hang out with your barkada. A jealous boyfriend would most likely throw a fit when he sees you and your guy colleague having coffee–even with five other girls around.

The Jerk
He’s too mahangin for you, but he still managed to sweep you off your feet. Even though he takes you for granted, talks down on everyone, and is so full of himself, you still try to convince yourself that there is a kind and caring person behind that big ego of his.

The Bad Boy
This is the guy your mom, dad, and friends warned you about. But like a moth to the flame, you can't stay away. There's something about him that makes you think he can be changed. He’s masungit to others, but when it comes to you, he’s gentler and seems to really care about your feelings–the ideal guy you think is worth breaking every rule for.

Mr. Congeniality
He’s friendly to the guard, to the lady cleaner, and to everyone–including all the women in his office. As much as you hate coming off as a jealous girlfriend, you can’t help but feel bothered that he’s being a little too friendly with all the men and ladies he encounters. But still, you’re slightly proud that your man isn’t a jerk.

The Emotional One
Although he loves showing his affection for you, he gets offended when you miss one of your date nights and gets easily pissed when you try to joke around. He has too many feelings and he’s ruled by his heart, not his head.

The One You Marry
You see him as the complete package–he’s got the looks, the brains, and the good manners! He’s caring, thoughtful, and showers you with love and affection. He’s the type of man you’ll introduce to your parents and the one you, one day, hope to spend forever with.

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