Love is truly an exquisite form of art, and it brings out our creative side. Being in love pushes us to do all kinds of outrageous things just to show our affection, and the longer you're together, the more effort you put in to keep the relationship fresh. Here, five women share the most romantic things they've done in the name of love:


"My boyfriend and I met at a mutual friend's wedding. I don't know how it happened, but we happened upon each other during the reception and together danced to Spandau Ballet's "True," which is now our theme song. For our 2nd anniversary, I decided to recreate our whole first meeting. I decorated my room as close to the wedding theme [as possible], and played "True" on loop. We relived the moment for the second time, and it felt just as magical." - Arlene

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"My then boyfriend was a guitarist for a small band. Nearing his 22nd birthday, naisip kong gift sa kanya ay kantahan siya ng "Collide" by Howie Day kasi favorite niya 'yun. I tried learning it in guitar within 2 weeks. Sakto nung birthday niya, may gig sila, so I planned to execute my surprise right then and there. With the help of his bandmates, I was allowed to come up on stage after their set. I sang my heart out, while even disastrously playing the guitar, but I didn't care. Right after I finished, he went up the stage and said to the audience, "Paano naman ako hindi mai-in love, 'di ba?" - Kris

"Two things about me: I love photography, and I remained NBSB up until I was 21 years old. Being NBSB for a long time, siyempre naging hopeless romantic ako. So when my first boyfriend and I became official, I promised to myself that I would do something special for him. Mahilig ako sa photography, so what I did was I took candid pictures of him throughout our first year together. I collected around 150 pictures. Come our first anniversary, I turned his room into a mini gallery full of his candid pictures. Pagpasok niya sa kuwarto, tahimik lang siya. I was about to speak, pero bigla niya akong niyakap. I don't know why, but I felt everything in that hug." - Ali


"Long distance relationships are hard as it is, what more if you're in love with a PMA Cadet? I've always readied for the days of no communication, and months of not seeing each other. Despite our given situation, I always make sure to make him feel my love through my random visits. Just last June, I decided to pay him a visit at the PMA. I even brought him [cookies I baked], cupcakes, and his favorite blueberry cheesecake. When I got there and was finally graced by his smile after months of not seeing him, I could already tell that the 8-hour bus ride to Baguio was worth it. I only got to be with him for a short amount of time, but the love I felt was definitely enough to last a lifetime. Him being inside the academy pretty much dictates our relationship, but I wouldn't ask for anything else in the world." - Angela

"My then boyfriend is literally the biggest fan of Lebron James. Last year, I heard the news that Lebron would be visiting the Philippines for his tour. I immediately remembered stalking him online and recalled his old tweet before we even met, saying how he was so sad to have missed Lebron's tour back then. With that, I tried finding some tickets for us, which was really difficult since it was already sold-out and scalpers were selling at an unreasonable price. Still, I wanted to do this for him because I wanted to make him feel loved
kahit walang special occasion. A day before the event, I luckily found someone online selling two tickets for the tour. I braved the intense rain at the middle of the night just to meet up with that seller. The next day, I surprised him with the tickets, and he finally had the chance to see Lebron. Seeing him so happy was when I knew that I would have braved any storm signal just to see him like that." - Mica


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