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Known for his deeply moving poems delving into love and heartbreak, spoken word artist Juan Miguel Severo is probably one of the best people who can describe how it is to move on using simple and straight-to-the-point statements. Juan Miguel, who was recently revealed to be one of Jollibee’s newest Yumbassadors during the campaign's recent launch, reprised his performance of “Naniniwala Ako”, a poem about believing in things without basis, such as love.

For those who are currently nursing a broken heart, the poet has a few pieces of advice to share.

1. “Focus on yourself.”
Now that you’re trying to move forward, it’s important to prioritize your needs before anything else. Be gentle with yourself. Go through grief, but don’t forget that in the end, it’s your decision to start the healing process.

2. “Find a new hobby.”
Let it start out as a distraction. You don’t need to force yourself to zoom in on what you’re doing, because as time passes, you’ll notice that you’ll feel excited about your newfound passion as the pain slowly recedes in the background. Aim to focus your energy into being productive and creating something beautiful, as this will lead you to…

3. “Fall in love with yourself again.”
As you have immersed yourself too deep in your previous relationship, you may have forgotten one important detail – YOU. If you feel that you’ve given away too much of yourself, then now is the time to make yourself whole once again.

4. “Put yourself out there.”
Don’t be afraid to jump headfirst into the life you’re meant to live. Go out. Have fun. You may have been hurt, but don’t hide behind your emotional walls. Take risks, because you deserve to be happy.

5. Lastly, “Don’t give a d*mn if they like you or not…”
“…Because the person who deserves you will always know that you’re worth it.”

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