It’s nice being in a good, steady relationship with someone you’ve known for quite some time. What isn’t nice is having a whole bunch of people asking you about going to the next level. From nosy friends to estranged titas, you’ll get the inevitable “bakit hindi pa kayo nagpapakasal” and it can be very annoying, so we’ve listed several answers to help you out:

1. “Pinag-iipunan pa po.”

Totoo naman. Weddings can be expensive!

2. “We're prioritizing our careers first.”

After all, it’s always better to be financially independent.

3. “Sige po, bukas na bukas, magpapakasal na kami.”

Sometimes, sarcasm is the only way to go.

4. “Nagpapapayat pa kami.”

And with the rate of how we enjoy eating out, it will take years to lose our belly fat.

5. “Alam niyo ba na uso ang hiwalayan ngayon?

John Lloyd and Angelica—the perfect example.

6. “Will EDSA traffic get better if we get hitched ASAP?”

As much as we'd like to solve the traffic problem, our love isn't that powerful enough.

7. "Nagmamadali, 'te?"

Was there a set deadline we were not aware of?


8. “We love each other, and we're okay with where are right now."

AKA: the showbiz answer.

9. “Dami mong alam.

Because we always have that one friend who’s too pakialamera.

10. “Actually, we already got married; you just weren't invited."


11. "Ayaw pa namin. Okay na?"

No explanations needed.

SCREENCAP: Friends/Warner Bros. Television (1994-2004); GIFS: Giphy, Tumblr

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