v_day_lovebirds_playlist_main.jpgIn the movies, every pivotal romantic moment is ushered in by a swell of song so amorous that you can’t help but feel tingly all over. This Valentine’s, pull the same stunt on your honey with a musical compilation that expresses your delight at being his significant other. Below is our V-Day playlist for the contentedly committed—make it the official soundtrack to your personal love story!

“I'M YOURS” by Jason Mraz (2008)

You heard it a million times in 2008, and then another million in 2009—the track holds the record for the longest chart run in Billboard history —but against all odds, “I’m Yours” continues to sound fresh every time you hear it (at least, it does for us). With a music video filmed entirely on the honeymoon paradise of Hawaii, the song encourages its listeners to shed off the coy act and pledge devotion to their beloved. Sing along now: “So I won’t hesitate no more/no more/it cannot wait/I’m yours!”

“YOU MAKE MY DREAMS” by Hall & Oates (1981)

This Hall & Oates tune first found considerable success in the summer of ’81 when it was first released (who can resist the groovy guitar riff that starts off the track?). But the 2009 indie flick 500 Days of Summer is what brought it newfound fame as a romantic anthem—the moment you see Joseph Gordon-Levitt break into an impromptu dance number in the middle of a busy street, you immediately recall the whirlwind wonderfulness you experienced during the days of your first love.

“HEAD OVER FEET” by Alanis Morissette (1995)

In probably her sweetest song to date, alternative-pop rocker Alanis Morissette drops the angst for a second and waxes poetic about a man who has unwittingly won her heart. The melody hooks you in, the lyrics make you laugh (“You’re my best friend/best friend with benefits”), and overall, the song possesses the charming ability to make you feel all fuzzy inside.

“TRUE” by Spandau Ballet (1983)


The go-to track for any slow-mo entrance by a significant other, this iconic tune by Spandau Ballet is the perfect mood-setter for a lovers’ night out. Sensual vocals pay tribute to Marvin Gaye, the king of sexy music himself, and while its words are more metaphoric than outright romantic, the song creates an atmosphere with an irresistibly cheesy center.

“YOUR BODY IS A WONDERLAND” by John Mayer (2001)

What’s hotter than a song that pays homage to your loveliest body parts? When John Mayer croons, “One pair of candy lips and your bubble gum tongue,” we find ourselves appreciating our anatomy more than we ever did in any biology class. So put this record on and get as close to your man as you can—your curves were made for flaunting!

“TRULY, MADLY, DEEPLY” by Savage Garden (1997)

The title alone describes how much the object of the song is loved by its singer. The latter promises to be everything his lady love wants him to be, and go everywhere she wants him to go—even if that means standing with her on a mountain or bathing with her in the sea (to paraphrase the verse). With an accompanying music video shot in the Sacre Coeur area of Paris, it’s obvious that this track was designed for fools in love.

“STOLEN” by Dashboard Confessional (2006)

Rarely does a confession of love get any more poignant than the single sentence, “You have stolen my heart.” Off the band’s Dusk and Summer album, Dashboard Confessional’s “Stolen” is simple but powerful, with the air of a summer romance gone right (and a chorus that you can’t wait to belt out).


Long gone are the days of the boy bands—but, like the photographic evidence of their questionable stage costumes, their saccharine ballads remain with us throughout the years. NSYNC’s “This I Promise You” is one such mainstay—the track is a long, lilting vow to remain by a lover’s side no matter what trials they both might face.

“ALWAYS BE MY BABY” by Mariah Carey (1996)


Given a second wind by American Idol winner David Cook, this Mariah Carey tune was the most played single of the year back in ‘96. When you hear the song, you’ll understand why it was so popular (apart from its LSS-inducing melody). “Always Be My Baby” speaks of the steadfastness of old sweethearts, and the insignificance of separation in the face of such profound attachment. Coming from a diva, that’s pretty deep!

“MY LIFE WOULD SUCK WITHOUT YOU” by Glee cast (2009)

Musicals take the world by storm once again, thanks to Fox’s smash hit TV series Glee. One of the most memorable tracks covered by the show’s musically-inclined cast is Kelly Clarkson’s comeback single “My Life Would Suck Without You” (with a title like that, how can you deny the love?). In the track, a couple resolves to forget the past because they “belong together now”—so if you and your Valentine have been bickering as of late, take a moment to consider if you two would survive apart. After all, being dateless on V-Day is what really sucks!

(Top photo courtesy of Columbia Records)
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