Remember the how you felt about your first crush? Your first broken heart? Your first time? Chick lit, the go-to reading material for many of us girls, channels all those nostalgic emotions into romance-driven plots that are as easy to read as they are addictive. Although much of the genre can be pretty formulaic—girl meets boy, girl falls in love with boy, boy hurts girl, boy redeems himself through “the big gesture”—we still find ourselves coming back to the same heart-tingling tales because we find parts of our own personal love stories in them.

Chick lit is the ultimate in summer reading because it is light, unpretentious, and peppered with cathartic kilig moments (some of which you may have already experienced yourself). Series are especially ideal because they keep the story moving—from one phase of the protagonist’s life (and the wildly comical foibles that came with it) to the next.

Earlier this month, we gave you our 10 beach book picks for summer 2010. To top off that list, here are two Summit Books series that fit the bill perfectly—be sure to add them to your chick lit collection! And to keep you company at the beach this summer, Female Network is giving away these Summit Books (and more!) all month long.






Vince’s Life

From the pages of Seventeen comes the chick lit novel written from a guy’s perspective. Protagonist Vince narrates his exciting four years at college—cramming for finals, finding friends who would later become lifelong soul mates, and meeting The Girl, Andrea. This coming-of-age story is certainly one that everyone can relate to—whether a bright-eyed high school teen, a hard-partying college undergrad, or a seasoned working girl reminiscing about the good ol’ days.

Vince’s Life: The Next Chapter—Getting Over Andrea

Welcome to the real world! Vince is hired by a prestigious ad agency shortly after his first love, Andrea, migrates to the US. Our heartbroken protagonist isn’t looking for anybody to replace his girl (The Girl)—until he meets Cat, a sexy, spontaneous kindred spirit who opens him up once again to love. But when Andrea suddenly announces that she’s returning to Manila, Vince is torn: will he choose the new girl, or the girl he believes to be The One?

Vince’s Life: The Wedding

Devastated over the loss of Cat, the girl who brought him back to life after his first love left the country, Vince just isn’t in the mood for love. A close pal, Connie, brings him some good tidings: she’s pregnant, and he’s invited to her upcoming nuptials in the States—where Andrea lives. When Vince and Andrea finally meet up, will these two college sweethearts give their relationship a second go?





Every Girl’s Guide to Heartache

Anna’s just been dumped by the guy of her dreams, and she’s a mess. On one hand, she’s pissed—how could someone she trusted so much leave her at the drop of a hat? On the other hand, she wants him back—they were perfect for each other! But Anna’s mission to retrieve her man is sidetracked by the attentions of Miguel, a handsome neighbor who makes her heart beat faster than normal. Will this be Anna’s second chance at romance?

Every Girl’s Guide to Boys

Chrissy’s the kind of girl who’s got her act together. She lives a charmed life; she’s in an unofficial relationship with her crush, Nathan; she even writes an online advice column for the clueless and confused. All seems to be smooth sailing—until her best friend, whom she secretly loves, returns from the US. Will Chrissy finally ‘fess up, only to compromise her existing commitment? Or will she deny her feelings, like all good girls are expected to?

Every Girl’s Guide to Flings

Rickie is a wild child, especially compared to her close friends Anna and Chrissy. She parties hard, dresses oh-so-sexy, and goes through men like tissue paper. In short, she’s the fun-loving, bar-hopping, man-eating minx whom good girls live through vicariously. But when Rickie lays eyes on Anna’s ex, things seem to be headed in a dangerous direction. Will this be the biggest mistake of Rickie’s life? Or will she actually fall in love this time?

(All photos courtesy of Summit Books)


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