Travelers' Tales Paris articleIt goes by many names. There’s La Ville-Lumière, or the City of Light, for its hand in the Age of Enlightenment and its sparkling skyline. Then, the City of Love, for its amorous reputation and seductive mother tongue. There’s also Paname, in the slang of its inhabitants. But none quite captures the romance, mystery, and delight that spring up at the mention of this city’s true moniker: Paris!

In the Golden Age, it was the unspoken headquarters for painters, writers, and performers; today, it swims in designers, actors, musicians, artists, and the other creative minds of our generation. It’s been a live set for many an unforgettable movie, the inspiration for countless novels and song lyrics, and an escape for millions of people, both young and old, who want to experience beauty in the world. In other words, you could be a stylephile, film buff, or culture vulture, and Paris would still be the ideal mecca for your particular brand of addiction.

After all, it’s a feast for the eyes. As a tourist, you’ll fall in love with the decadent architecture and swoon-worthy scenery (not to mention, the gorgeous French people). But soon, you’ll appreciate its contemporary side, reflected in state-of-the-art museums, first-class subway systems, and meticulous efforts towards citywide preservation. Blend the two and you concoct a storybook sojourn, with all the modern fixings to keep you comfortable.

Can’t wait to get started? Here are the sights and stories not to be missed on a Parisian holiday, based on my own trip to this magical place. Bon voyage!

(Photos by Stephanie Castillo and Nadine Fournier, unless otherwise stated.)

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