Television is arguably one of the hardiest innovations of the 20th century—from its humble beginnings in the ’30s, it’s lasted well into the new millennium and shows no signs of disappearing from our daily lives. If anything, its hold has gotten stronger—though we can now download shows on our laptops and view them on our phones, most of us still head home at the end of the day looking forward to unwinding in front of the tube with our favorite shows.

While television technology isn’t changing at warp speed, enough improvements are happening to keep us firmly entrenched in TV culture. One such innovation is Sky Cable’s recently-launched cable TV paradigm, SkyCable Select, which makes our viewing experience more flexible, allowing customization to suit our lifestyles—whether you’re married with the requisite suburban home and 2.5 kids or a single girl struggling to keep up with condo payments. The scheme lets subscribers customize their plans according to their viewing needs and budget capabilities through the use of a digibox, a little piece of equipment that serves as the TV’s switching center.

New users can begin with the SkyCable Starter pack, which comes with a basic lineup of channels (including CNN, the Asian Food Channel, and Star World) and goes for only P280 per month. This is a perfect option for single ladies living solo, who don’t really need too many channels since their favorite shows are usually concentrated in a few networks. Channels can be added ala carte to the default offerings—for as little as P20 for channels like ANC and Discovery Travel & Living or as much as P350 for booster packs like the HBO pack, which comes with four different HBO channels, including one that airs marathons of HBO-original series. The fun part is getting these channels on demand; since everything is digital, channel activation is remote and virtually instantaneous. So this month you can binge on HBO movies and remove the channel from your subscription when you’ve had your fill.

Moms will arguably get the most benefits from the new system: the ability to manage their subscription means they can choose only the channels that matter to their family as well as limit their kids’ exposure to inappropriate shows. The digibox allows moms to password-protect certain channels, so their kids—or husbands!—can’t access them. The gizmo also provides a week’s worth of show schedules and synopses, and lets forgetful moms find out what’s currently airing by displaying show titles and descriptions onscreen. Existing subscribers also get six new channels, including Basketball TV, which should keep hubby happy.

Thankfully, though TiVo still hasn’t arrived in the country, it seems our TV technology isn’t that far behind. To learn more about the SkyCable Select’s features and offerings, visit their website at . You may also call their 24-hour Customer Service Hotline at 631-0000 or text (0917) 631-0000 / (0918) 863-1000.

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