Deciding to stay home to avoid crowded malls and restaurants doesn’t mean that you and your partner can’t be romantic on Valentine’s Day. In fact, you have the cheapest, most hassle-free place where you can totally focus on each other – your room. Check out our list of how you can transform your boudoir from a regular space into a private paradise.

1. Tidy up!
If you’re looking to spend extra time snuggling under the covers, make sure that you’ve changed your linens. While you’re at it, give your area a good vacuum, too. It’s okay to be dirty in the bedroom, but not that kind of dirty.

2. Keep it smelling good.
Let your room air out by opening your door and windows, then spray a bit of freshener once the circulation has improved. Just be careful with spritzing as you wouldn’t want the scent to be overbearing. You can also try other options such as potpourri and essential oils like lavender or chamomile to avoid mustiness.

3. Remove distractions.
Put out anything that can divert your attention from each other, such electronics, bills, and items related to work. Valentine’s Day is for you to relax together, not to get sudden anxiety attacks due to remembered deadlines.

4. Make it comfortable and cozy.
”Soft” is the keyword. Fluff up your pillows and bring out your nicest covers. After all, there are few things better in the world than cuddling with your significant other on top of comfy sheets.

5. Set the mood.
Forgo harsh white fluorescent lights for warm-colored lamps. Plug on relaxing tunes, arrange flowers in elegant vases, and prepare a tray of something to drink and nibble for you and your partner. Don’t forget to hang the “don’t disturb” sign on the knob and to lock the door behind you!

PHOTO: Pixabay

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