Stop fake laughing because people can tell! Prevention.com posted an article revealing that people can see through us when we laugh—and they can tell if it's a genuine giggle or a calculated chuckle.

University of California, Los Angeles researchers recorded spontaneous laughter between friends, and they found out that your breathing and speed differentiate a fake one from a real one. Also, you can only convince people one-third of the time. But if you can't help it and you must falsify your feelings, make your laughter faster.

In another experiment, they asked participants to listen to the slowed laughter and tell if it was from an animal or human. The authentic merriment was quite difficult to distinguish if a human or an animal did it; but the fake ones—oh they were pretty easy to recognize!

Listen here if you want to hear real and fake laughter

(Photo courtesy of Marlie Kanoi via Flickr Creative Commons)

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