you_lose_you_win_20110626_inside.jpgFor years, Tricia Reyes tried to manage her weight, but the figure on the scale kept yo-yoing. Deciding she not only longed to lose weight but become healthier as well, the marketing executive from Pasig City hired a personal trainer, who helped her shed 26 lbs from her 4’11” frame.

A sedentary lifestyle and busy schedule contributed to Tricia's weight gain. And although she had been a member of a gym for several years and exercised twice a week, she eventually stopped going to the gym for a year after her work schedule got busier.

Tricia eventually decided to get a personal trainer to help her lose weight and become healthy. “I saw the difference between working out by myself and having a personal trainer guide me.” Tricia worked out with her trainer three to four times a week. Their sessions included some karate-do and, later, kickboxing. “In just a month, I noticed that I lost weight and was developing my strength, endurance and flexibility.” She attended Pilates, yoga, and dance-inspired cardio classes.

She decreased food portions and ate small, frequent meals, while drinking more water and eating more fruits and vegetables. “I kept my diet as healthy as possible, even when I ate out.” Tricia attained her weight loss goal in less than six months. She’s now toning her body and maintaining her weight. She regularly works out at the gym.

Tricia is encouraged by the changes she sees in her body. “My jeans’ size is falling, and what’s more, my strength, flexibility, endurance, and general health have improved.” She receives compliments from others, and is proud of her weight loss. “I can lift heavier weights now and do varied workout routines. I was never sporty, so learning kickboxing is a plus.”

Tricia's Tips:


“Don’t let work rule your life. That’s when we tend to lose control, make excuses not to exercise, and eat a lot.”


“Commit to and focus on what you want to achieve.”


“Don’t deprive yourself of foods you like, but eat in moderation.”

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(First published in Women's Health Magazine, Slim-Down Strategies section as "My Jeans' Size is Falling!" in January-February 2010; photo by Christian Halili; adapted for use in Female Network)

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