article_ylyw-may-20.jpgAngelica Garcia was plagued by weight problems her whole life—until she decided to take action. She lost more than 20 pounds in 6 months, thank to a trainer and a band of brothers.

Angelica’s love for food came at a price. "My three older brothers teased me about my weight," she says. Garcia also preferred shopping alone. "I didn’t want other people to see what size I wore." She also tired easily from walking. "I thought that I was one of those people who was destined to be fat forever because nothing was working for me."

In high school, she saw a nutritionist who helped her lose weight, but not without some serious deprivation. She dreaded summers too. "I was too ashamed to even try anything. I thought that people my size shouldn’t be doing things like wearing a bikini to the beach." Angelica didn’t like what she saw in the mirror: an overweight, insecure, and unhappy woman. "I would say to myself that this isn’t who I want to be," she adds. So she decided to make a change.

Angelica hit the gym six times a week, sometimes working out with a trainer for up to two hours, doing a mix of circuit and strength training as well as cardio intervals. Her brothers joined her, which she enjoyed. "We also competed with each other and compared our progress." These days, when she’s not in the gym, she does yoga or runs for 30 to 40 minutes. She tries to eat in moderation. She applies Rhonda Byrnes’s The Secret by picturing the physique she wanted. "That image of myself kept me going because I knew that if I achieved that body, I would feel great," she says.

Since then, the compliments have been pouring in. Angelica relishes the feeling of being able to run without taking a break. "I am so happy now because I achieved something that I've wanted to do for so long," she sums up.


1. Prioritize your workout.

"It’ll become part of your routine and, eventually, a habit."

2. Consult a trainer.

Before, Angelica didn’t know that she wasn’t exercising at the right intensity level and that she needed more than 30 minutes of cardio. Her trainer, Biboy Tatad, helped her figure it out.

3. Make people aware of your
"They’ll be able to push you and remind you of what you want to achieve."

(First published in the April 2010 issue of
Women's Health Philippines, Slim Down Strategies section as "I Am So Happy Now!;" photos by Dakila Angeles and courtesy of Angelica Garcia; adapted for use in Female Network)

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