thelma_and_louise_best_friends.jpg"Keep smilin', keep shinin' / Knowin' you can always count on me / For sure / That's what friends are for." So the lyrics to the Dionne Warwick classic go. Have you ever had a close friend who has made you think of these touching lines, someone who's been with you through thick and thin, perhaps a person who's so close to you he or she practically feels like family?

This week, in celebration of Women's Friendship Month, Female Network wants to know about your BFF and why you love him or her. Is this person someone you've known since you were in diapers, a friend who shared those kilig moments when you felt the first pangs of puppy love or held your hand when you were learning to cope with your parents' separation? Perhaps he or she is someone you met in high school, someone who witnessed your most embarrassing moments and loved you all the more for them. Maybe it's your acquaintance from college or your office who eventually became your inseparable companion as you went through similar woes in life. It could even be a BFF you once had who drifted apart from you but impacted your life significantly. No matter what type of best friend you have, we'd love it if you told us all about him or her.

Female Network wants to know:

Who's the best friend you've ever had, and why do you love him or her?

Share your story in a comment!

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