what_you_love_about_being_a_woman_main2.jpgThe ability to multi-task, the perfectly-shaped mammary glands, those elusive “multiple Os”—these, according to an iVillage top 10 list , are just a few of the many reasons why it’s grand to be a woman. To delve even further into the exceptional XX chromosome, we asked some of our readers to pitch their own opinions in praise of womanity. You’ll get why it’s great to be a girl after reading these!

“What I love about being a woman is that we can extend our limits and abilities over and across those of manhood. We are capable of both a woman's and man's responsibilities.” – Christine Dela Cruz-Arteta, 28, competitive intelligence analyst

Being able to give birth and nurture another human being is an honor bestowed only upon women. Personally, that's something I will always be thankful to God for.” – Cathy Domingo, 30, technical writer

Motherhood!” – Maire Dadulfalza Viola, 37, banker

“What I love most about being a woman is our inner wiring to be attracted to beauty. We find joy in looking at flowers, exquisite fabric or newly-painted nails. I believe that women best appreciate the finer things in life—simple or intricate as they may be.” – Myra Mortega, 24, FN reader

“As a woman, I love being equated with Mother Earth—and also having the power to get what I want in the nicest and kindest of ways.” – Rebecca Pestaño-Smith, 61, environmental consultant

“A woman can easily transform from being a wife, mother, and housekeeper to a high-flying career woman—in an hour or less.” – Carolyn C. Bayabos, 31, operations assistant manager

“I love the fact that all women possess three essences: being a wife, being a mother, and being a leader.” – Jewelyn Calimbas, 18, student

“As a woman, I love being loved by my partner!” – Hudz-Leng Navarro Ogayan, 29, editorial assistant

“I love that we can make any man our slave! Ha ha ha!” – Michelle Mendoza*, 32, part-time writer

“There’s this feeling of blessedness knowing that, as a woman, I am one of God’s most wonderful miracles.” – Vivian Aguilar, 40, MIS officer

“I love the fact that I can wear heels!” – Victoria Flores*, 20, consultant

“What I love about being a woman is that we can express our emotions freely. We can be fire and water at any time. We can be ruthless and vulnerable; we can strong and compassionate. The duality of our natures is what makes us real women.” – Kris Kathleen Dizon, 18, student

“Being a woman gives me the excuse to be a softie when I feel like it and a toughie when the need arises!” – Joy Mesina-Bahia, 36, stay-at-home mom

“I love being able to wear guy stuff without looking awkward! I bet guys can’t do the same with our clothes.” – Kristy Villamor Pilon, 22, registered nurse

“The fact that we have a film genre named in our honor—chick flicks—makes it fab to be female!” – Alina Torres, 29, photographer

“I love being a woman because it allows me to show my emotions without fear of being ridiculed for doing so. Women are also blessed with a strong support system from other women, and we aren’t afraid to rally around a friend in need and just talk and try to solve things. Oftentimes, there’s drama—but we still aren’t embarrassed to meet again the next day.” – Marielle Ethel Arcala, 37, teacher

“I love getting the perfect manicure! (And not just the metrosexual kind with clear polish.)” – Sally Henson, 48, makeup artist

“I know it’s anti-fem lib and all, but I love being able to flirt my way out of skeevy situations.” – Marian Zapatas*, 32, PR executive

“What I love about being a woman is taking care of my adorable hubby and making our house a beautiful home!” – Lety A. Carullo, 57, boutique owner

“One word: miniskirts.” – Isha Velayo, 17, surfer chick

*name changed upon request

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So, tell FN: Why do you love being a woman?

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