Need something to help relieve muscle soreness after an intense workout? A new study featured on Science Daily suggests that you drink watermelon juice. Apparently, L-citrulline, an amino acid found in the said fruit juice may work wonders on your muscles.

Researcher Encarna Aguayo and her colleagues served natural watermelon juice, L-citrulline-enriched watermelon juice, and a control drink to volunteers an hour prior to exercise.

Based on the results, both the natural and the enriched juices helped the participants recover from muscle pain after exercise. However, the subjects had an easier time absorbing the natural juice, as L-citrulline was considered “more bioavailable, ” making it the perfect baon the next time you hit the gym.

So the next time you hit the gym, pack yourself a tumbler of natural watermelon juice. Not only can it help you feel refreshed, but it can also give your tired muscles a break.

(Photo by Miguel Ugalde via

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