Happy Monday, FNites! The rain may be coming down hard, but don't let the bad weather ruin your Monday morning. Boost your mood by checking out these five things that might make you smile today.

1. Hello Kitty Air

It's true!
EVA Air has teamed up with Sanrio to bring you a one-of-a-kind flying experience. From Hello Kitty bag tags to flight stewardesses in Hello Kitty aprons, you can bet that we'll be bringing more than the in-flight magazine back home as a souvenir! The best part? You can experience it online by cjecking out their website.

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2. The Lazy Girl's Guide to Yoga

The Huffington Post enumerates several yoga positions you can do without having to leave the comfort of your bed. Glad we're all on the same page!

3. Girl World

Our day-to-day struggles with fashion are perfectly illustrated in Gemma Correll's collection of drawings. Check out her visual narrations about life, and we'll guarantee that you'll be in a much better mood this morning!


4. Orange You Glad?

A New York Magazine writer learns that orange is the latest It color in town, and she gives us the lowdown on four beauty tips she learned backstage at Peter Som, Rag & Bone, and Suno.

5. Hot Chocolate

Feeling a bit sick because of the rain? A hot chocolate should make you feel a bit better. Check out this recipe from Chef This Up!


(1. Photo from Cheap Flights via Cheapflights on Pinterest 2. Photo from Wikihow via Jenifer Carter on Pinterest 3. Photo from Gemma Correll via Sara Wolff on Pinterest 4. Photo from The Cut via Irma Rivera on Pinterest 5. Photo from Diane Demers courtesy of Chef This Up on Pinterest)

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