The common cold is hardly what you would call a life-threatening disease, but it can definitely get in the way of school, work, and other engagements when left unmanaged. It is easier to just avoid getting one altogether, and the key to that, according to an updated version of the Cochrane Review, is vitamin C.

The findings, as reported by, show that vitamin C works quite well for those who are under physical duress. In five randomized experiments involving volunteers under heavy short-term physical stress, vitamin C was able to cut the incidence of cold in half.

Vitamin C reportedly also has a biological effect as one gram of vitamin C per day may help lower adults’ risk of getting a cold by eight percent and children’s risk by 18 percent! While this is certainly good news for those who take their dose of vitamin C daily, it’s still best to consult your doctor about your health, especially if your cold shows no signs of going away.

(Photo by Shay Barzilay via Flickr Creative Commons)

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