Do you feel awful as soon as you hear your alarm go off? If you have a hard time facing the day with a cheerful attitude, have vanilla yogurt for breakfast. According to a study published in Food Research International, vanilla yogurt improves mood.

It's true! Using an emotive projection test, researchers showed 24 participants different images of people, and asked the them to judge the photographs based on six positive traits and six negative traits. The pariticpants were also given a pair of yogurt to taste. Basing it on the idea that people judge others based on their own mood, researchers wanted to know if being pleasantly surprised or disappointed by what they ate would have an impact. 

The results show that f
ruit flavors did not have a huge factor in emotional responses, as shown by those who had strawberry or pineapple yogurts. The group who consumed low-fat yogurt exhibited positive emotional response, but the amazing discovery was that those who ate vanilla yogurt had the most positive emotional response.

So, instead of fuelling thyself with a cup of coffee, have a cup of vanilla yogurt to instantly cheer you up. 

PHOTO: Pixabay

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