summer_partying_main.jpgWarning: warm weather up ahead! Summer is at our fingertips, and the first of its sizzling shindigs have already sent out their Facebook invites. It’s party time—and that means days upon days (and nights upon nights) of getting down and dirty with the social circuit. Aren’t you excited?

But consider this: the things about summer parties that have us elatedly dancing on ledges the night before are what also get us belatedly banging our heads on desks the morning after. Let’s face it—with great revelry comes great irresponsibility, and we’ve all been a little reckless in the heat of the season. To avoid a repeat of last summer’s mistakes, here’s a list of the party hazards you could possibly encounter—and preferably prevent.


Brace yourself for the splitting headaches and energy-sucking dehydration that have little to do with the hot weather. Hangovers, formally known as veisalgia, are almost always a given after an all-night alcohol-fest—with the nausea, loss of appetite, and mind-numbing fatigue that come with them lasting way longer than the handful of hours you guzzled away.

But if the promise of a day-long migraine isn’t quite enough to make you lay off the liquor, this article has a few sobering suggestions. Before drinking, eat a full meal to slow down your body’s rate of alcohol absorption, and drink a lot of water to hydrate your system pre-happy hour. Also, stick with one drink, as mixing different liquors will increase the amount of hangover-triggering toxins in your body. Of course, such premeditated acts can only do so much: if you wake up the next morning with your noggin in knots, take some aspirin and hope for the best. This too shall pass!


Your skin is always hit hard by any hard-partying practices. Not getting enough sleep due to a get-together gone long usually leads to dark circles and the inevitable acne. Blemishes resulting from smoking and especially drinking are also prevalent, including red or blotchy skin and puffiness under the eyes. This article on the skin-deep symptoms of alcohol even cites premature aging as one of the worst effects—you get wrinkles and discoloration way before you’re of age! And don’t forget it’s summer: the mornings before your eventful evenings will most likely be spent under the blazing sun. Sun burn, sallow complexion, and manifold skin damage caused by last night’s many nightcaps? Forget the DJ—somebody call the derma!


Admit it: your self-control plummets when you’re at a party. Carbs and cocktails become harder to resist when you use the excuse that you’re out and about, anyway. Don’t get caught in the trap of carelessness! Think about the “Bora bod” that you’ve slaved for at gym all year—that “one last bottle” could spoil it with a beer belly; that “one last fry” could (literally) tip the scale. But if you can’t stop yourself from feasting at your summer fetes, then at least balance out the binge with some conditioning the next day. Roll out your yoga mat or go or a jog; forego the comfort food for some crisp green salad. It won’t be wasted on your waistline.


Hormones are at a high during hot summer nights, with open parties bringing all sorts of strangers together (in the Biblical sense). One night stands are nothing new at such seasonal soirees—and neither are the consequences that come to pass after the act. This article on girls who party by shares that drunken (or drugged) encounters at wild parties often lead to unexpected pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. And listen up, ladies: men transmit STDs to women four times more easily than women do to men, so you face quadruple the risk if you engage in unsafe sex. To quote a wise old warning: just say no! Or, be safe, be very, very safe.


Love may not cost a thing, as J. Lo once sang, but leisure certainly does! Can you imagine the bankruptcy that the endless beach bashes, city festivities, and in-house inumans will wreak on your pocketbook? You may party like a rock star, but if you aren’t paid like one, you’ll be broke before summer’s end. Be sensible with your spending—there’s no need to buy a round for the whole house (today, tomorrow, and the day after that) just because you’re exuberant to be on vacation. You shouldn’t even be out consecutive days in a row—give yourself some much-deserved downtime, and your resources the chance to replenish.

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