A Thai anti-smoking campaign has effectively made a lot of the country's smokers think about going tobacco-free. In the ad, children approach smoking adults and ask them if they can get a light for their cigarettes. Shocked, all the adults tell the kids that smoking is bad and that they have to stop.

"If you smoke, you die faster," one man tells a youngster in the video. "Don't you want to live and play?"
The children then ask the adults why they are doing it even if they know it's bad, making the smokers rethink their decision to light up.

The video has touched a number of Thailand’s 13 million smokers; calls to the country’s "quit smoking"hotline increased by 40 percent after the video went up. According to a Reuters article, this ad may also prove more effective than showing gruesome images of cancer-affected body parts due to smoking.

Do you think this campaign would be effective in the Philippines? Watch the video below to judge for yourself.

(Screencap via YouTube)

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