If you’re always tossing and turning at night, you may need a few tweaks in your routine and slight changes in your lifestyle. Try these tips to help you get quality rest.

1. Have a routine.

Routines can trigger behaviors. When done often, a nightly routine can be the signal of your body preparing you to sleep. It can be taking a warm shower, reading a book, or even having a relaxing beauty regimen. Once you hit the sack, remember not to bring anything to the bed that can distract you or keep you awake, especially your mobile phone.


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2. Monitor your sleeping habits.

Every woman has her own internal body clock, meaning there’s really no one real, solid schedule for sleeping time made for all. Generally, though, the body needs rest at night to allow the proper production of the hormone melatonin, which helps stabilize your sleep-wake cycle. You also need to be in bed for a certain number of hours (normally seven to eight) in order to wake up rested.

If you’re having trouble sleeping, you may need to monitor and find out the correct number of hours your body needs. Personally, I ditched waking up with an alarm clock just to observe my natural waking schedule. I learned that I needed seven hours to get full rest (if hard-pressed, five, and I should never wake up with six hours of sleep because I’d feel fatigued). My body would automatically wake up after that, and that’s what I adjusted to.


There are many ways for you to monitor your sleeping habits. You can have sleep journal, or use an app to track your cycle.

TRY: SleepyTi.Me to know how many hours of rest you need, and Sleep Tracker to monitor your sleep cycles.



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3. Power down lights and turn down the temp.

And that means no screened devices, as blue light tends to keep you awake. Make sure to keep your room dark, and lower your temperature to around 18 degrees Celsius as per the US National Sleep Foundation’s recommendation. Doing so mimics your body's reaction once the sun sets: its temperature takes a natural dip, signaling your brain that sleepy time is near. Help yourself fall asleep faster by cooling down your environment.



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4. Make your room conducive to sleep.

Clutter can actually keep you tossing and turning at night. A feature on Today notes that sleeping in a messy flat can keep you up and give you bad, disrupted sleep. Moreover, it also makes you at risk of developing a hoarding disorder. Always make sure that your room is clean and inviting enough to rest. Only leave covers and neck and back supporting pillows on your mattress, and remove everything else that’s unnecessary, such as books, laundry, food, and other items.


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