For some girls who are overwhelmed with 10-step Korean skincare and complicated makeup routines, we've got good news for you. Engaging in a low-maintenance beauty routine even just once in a while has benefits.

Well and Good talked to Adrina Grigore, founder of S.W Basics and author of Skin Cleanse, recommends to trim your elaborate skincare and makeup routine. “There’s a big myth that your skin and hair need all of that stuff, but they don’t,” she explains. The post also said that a beauty detox (temporarily stopping the usage of some beauty products) should be in order when you find that your skincare products aren't working their wonders anymore or your skin becomes even more problematic. Ladies, take note: you must give your skin a breather. 

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I committed myself to only wear eyebrow mascara and use only three products (facial wash, serum, moisturizer/sunscreen) for my A.M and P.M. skincare routine. I'm telling you by now that it's worth giving a try! Here are the things I have observed:

1. You take your skincare regimen more seriously.

When one is braving the world without an ounce of makeup, you may get paranoid of having a zit appear on your face. You then become masipag to wash your face, apply serum, and massage moisturizer.

2. You discover that less is more.

When you are using well-performing skincare products, you don't need to layer tons of it to take care of your skin.

3. You become more productive.

Not to sound scientific, but because your primping routine is simplified, you can leave the house ASAP, get to work early, and finish more tasks. Plus, in the evening, you can snooze in earlier because your nighttime routine is just three, easy steps!


4. Your skin behaves!

The most important result of all is that your skin condition improves. After pulling a Marie Kondo on my routine, my face had a smoother appearance. My skin became softer and less oily! I can say that the low-maintenance kikay life is a winner!

Are you a proud low-maintenance beauty gal? Tell us in the comments below how simple your beauty regimen is!

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