sharon_cuneta.jpgMegastar Sharon Cuneta recently revealed a trimmer figure at the launch of slimming center Marie France Bodyline, reports The actress successfully shed 20 pounds and at least seven inches off her waistline.

At the launch, Sharon divulged that she had once tried crash diets and liposuction. In the end, however, her weight loss was still erratic because of personal problems and her busy lifestyle. “Parang seesaw iyong weight loss ko (My weight loss was like a seesaw),” she candidly relates.Maglo-lose, magge-gain, depende sa anong nangyayari sa buhay ko at nag-midlife crisis ako. May projects, hindi matutuloy (I’d lose and I’d gain, depending on what was happening in my life. I also went through a midlife crisis. There were projects that didn’t push through).”

The Megastar got teary-eyed when she started talking about her emotional eating habits. “Pag malungkot ka talaga kahit na uma-acting kang masaya ka, so pag-uwi 'di mo nare-realize, kain ka nang kain. (If you’re really sad, even if you act happy, so when you get home, you don’t even realize that you've been eating and eating.)”

According to this article on, emotional eating involves consuming large amounts of food as a way of coping with intense feelings. The impulse eventually turns into a habit that has you reaching for food even though you’re not hungry--just to get your mind off your emotions.

Dr. Randy Dellosa, resident psychologist for upcoming reality TV show The Biggest Loser Philippines, says celebrities have a hard time dealing with their weight since they’re always in the public eye. “The tendencies for celebrities to go on crash diets and then to engage in mga surgical interventions,” he is quoted as saying. “However, when they resort to that, nandoon pa rin iyong mga problems nila (their problems still remain).”

But emotional eating isn't limited to just celebrities. Like Sharon, have you had problems battling your weight loss because you tend to eat while emotionally upset? Before you turn to food as a stress reliever, check out these tips.


One of the most common triggers of emotional eating is stress. This article on suggests using stress management techniques to help you reduce your anxiety levels. Try a round of meditation, or consider taking up yoga classes. This will help you find mental and emotional balance and keep your feelings in check.


Ask yourself why you want that extra serving or that midnight snack. Are you really hungry, or are you reaching for food because you’re feeling distressed? Remind yourself that emotional eating doesn’t really solve your problem. Afterward, your stress just returns with the added burden of guilt.


If you do get the urge to start eating just because you’re stressed, curb the impulse and distract yourself with more productive activities like walking or doing housework. If you keep your body and mind busy, you won’t have time to respond to the situation with food.

4.    REMOVE THE SOURCE OF TEMPTATION. notes that if you keep your favorite comfort foods close at hand, you’re more likely to give in to emotional eating. So make sure not to store these snacks at home and avoid bringing them to work with you. The less food you have around to tempt you, the lesser the chances you have of binge eating.


Turn to your friends and family when you have problems, especially if you’re feeling extremely down. Ask for help and lean on them for support. Sharing your feelings with a trusted friend can also help you find a solution to your problems, something that turning to food won’t bring you.

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