If you’re a picky eater with extra budget, chances are, you’ve tried to go organic in an effort to start living healthy. You probably thought that chemical-free vegetables and free-range produce are more nutritious than regular produce and livestock, since they’re cultivated without pesticides and hormones.

But a recent study reported by NBCNews.com shows otherwise. Although non-organic food may have traces of chemicals, they are reported to be just as nutritious as their organic counterparts.

Researchers from Stanford University and the Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Health Care System reviewed more than 200 studies that compared people who ate organic and non-organic food. Aside from observing that previous investigations had no set standards for what constitutes "organic food," they also found that there wasn’t any difference between the nutrient content of natural and conventional produce, poultry, and livestock.

Although you won’t get any additional vitamins and minerals from organic food, they are still more sanitary than others, as detectable amounts of pesticides can be found in more than one-third of regular produce out in the market, while only seven percent of organic fruits and vegetables have chemical traces. As for poultry and livestock, those that have been naturally raised are 33 percent less likely to have bacteria that are resistant to certain antibiotics than those that aren’t.

Looking at it as a regular consumer, it’s all about what you think is important while passing along grocery racks. What’s important is you get to eat a balanced diet, whether organic or not.

(Photo by Karen Rennie via sxc.hu)

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