smile_959022_thiquinho.jpgEmotions can spread like a contagion. That is why there is noticeable difference in the atmospheres of the places that we go to–our home, the office, the park, our children’s preschool, the hospital and so on. It is not only our experiences in these places that dictate the air, it is also the emotional state of the people we come into contact with whenever we visit them. recently published the findings from a study
performed by Harvard and MIT researchers on the spread of happiness (or sadness) in a similar pattern as spreading communicable diseases. Using the data collected from the Framingham Heart Study and slightly modifying a mathematical model developed to observe the spread of contagious diseases, the researchers found, in simple terms, that you can catch happiness or sadness like the flu.

As much as we can catch these emotions, we can also spread them. In this stressful, fast-paced society, nobody wants to be around what we call a BV (bad vibes). Below are ten simple ways you can do to spread the right kind of vibe in the air and have everyone you bump into just love being around you.

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